About Sun Limits Window Tinting

We at Sun Limits realize that you, our customers, are the most valuable asset we have.  We are so proud of having you choose us for our specialized services. Because of that appreciation, we want to personally share some information with you.

First, you should know how we started Sun Limits so you can better appreciate where we are now going, something really exciting which is Accent. We are combining Accent Window Tinting and Sun Limits Window Tinting into one new company.

Here is where our history is important. Jerry Yoder started Sun Limits in 1986 and then fully launched it formally in 1990. His goal was to provide our customers with the best service possible along with the best window film technologies on all applications. That meant auto, residential and commercial buildings and do them all with passion and equal quality.

Then in the early 2000’s, film technologies advanced incredibly fast. New films were constantly releasing. Most of them were geared more for buildings than for cars. The needs for homes and businesses grew to a huge demand.

It quickly became clear that the quality always insisted on regarding the service side was not possible across all three markets. We were simply spread too thin and we couldn’t let that happen.  So the hard decision was made and the auto side of Sun Limits was retired.

Then, over the years, Jerry got to know Jason and Angie at Accent Window Tinting. Both companies worked in the same markets but Accent’s focus was more in auto services. After discussion, the three of us decided to do something about it.  

We officially joined our energies, passions, resources and visions into a combined company.  And that brings us to the present with Accent. We are so excited about this teaming up and we truly hope you are too.

With our team, we can bring you more technologies, more of our time, larger geographical capabilities to reach you, better pricing, quicker communications and response times, and improved services in just about every category you need.

Please contact us for any of your film needs whether they are for auto, residential or commercial, for energy savings, improved property appearance, decorative, security, graphics, or anti-graffiti.  We now can offer it all, better and faster.

Thanks for all your support for the years and hopefully still in the future. 

Integrity – “Doing what is right when no one is watching.”

Jason Thomas

Owner / Operator


Owner / Estimator