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House Window Tint Useful Information And The Pros & Cons of Using It

When discussing house window tint with homeowners we often get asked many similar questions. As a result, we wanted to write an article that explains some facts about these innovative films and also shares some pros and cons of having them installed in your home.

4 Fast Facts About House Window Tint

  • Window Film Retrofits To Existing Windows – Window film is installed as a retrofit to your existing windows allowing you to significantly improve the performance of you windows with minimal disruption to your home.
  • Window Film Improves The Comfort In Your Home – Window film can enhance comfort by reducing excessive heat and glare throughout your home or strategically only in areas most impacted by the sun.
  • Window Film Extends The Life Of Your Floors & Furnishings – Most window films will reduce 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This along with the reduction of heat and glare mentioned above will significantly reduce the contributors of fading and extend the life of your floors and furnishings.
  • Window Film Can Enhance Privacy – By using decorative window films in areas like entryways and bathrooms you can add privacy without resorting to blinds, curtains or shades that obscure the windows.

Pros and Cons of House Window Tint

  • Home Window Film Pros – In addition to the facts listed above, window films can also be used to add safety and security to a home, protect the skin of the occupants in the home and improve the insulating value of your existing windows for far less than the cost of replacement units.
  • Home Window Film Cons – The primary negative of window film is the fact that it can void your existing window warranty if you have one in place. You would have to verify you have a warranty in place and that window film would void the factory warranty. If so, a supplemental warranty from the window film manufacturer is often available to replace the voided manufacturer warranty.

We hope that this article shed some light on house window tint and the pros and cons of using it in your home. If you would like more information, contact us by calling (717) 665-4141 or emailing us at We would be happy to discuss this with you and provide you with a free, no obligation quote of implementing a window film product into your Lancaster, Pennsylvania area home.

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