Solar Controlling Window Film in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Solar Controlling Window Film Pros & Cons Detailed by Architect Magazine

Evelyn Royer wrote an article for Architecture Magazine called “The Pros and Cons of Window Films” that we wanted to summarize. Solar controlling window film can be a misunderstood product, so we wanted to clear up some misconceptions. These innovative films retrofitted to your existing windows can be one of the most cost-effective ways to boost energy efficiency in both homes and commercial spaces.

With a growing interest in improving energy efficiency, residential and commercial window films should not be a product that is overlooked. Let’s look into what the article says that these films can, and cannot do.

Window Film Pros

  • Window film can cut utility costs by 30% to 40% that is much cheaper than replacing windows.
  • Solar films block 99% of UV light that fades furniture without looking reflective or dark.
  • Window films can add security and slow down a break in.
  • Window Film can add safety by holding shards together if a window shatters.
  • Some films can make a low-cost new window as efficient as a newer low-E, triple-pane unit.

Window Film Cons

  • Some window manufacturers warn that films will void their window warranty. Check with your window manufacturer if your windows are still covered under warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Certain glass lites, latches, and frames make installation difficult, which can impact cost.

Ultimately, experts say the future is bright for solar controlling window film products. We completely agree as the importance of green technologies implemented into existing spaces will only be growing in importance over the coming years.

We would be happy to answer any questions and schedule a free, no obligation consultation about integrating these films into your home or commercial space. You can contact us by calling (717) 665-4141 or emailing us at We are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and service the surrounding area.

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